Thursday, November 08, 2012


It's not everyday that you would meet someone who will make you feel something profound. Most of the time, we tend to want to prolong their stay in our lives. But as much as we don't want to, some things are meant to end. And when they end, there won't be anything left but the memories. Memories, therefore, should be preserved.

Today I had my third ink. It's a very simple design for a tattoo; it's really small and inked in black, but I wanted it that way. I initially wanted it way smaller, but the resident artist said it would be better to adjust the size, for the sake of bringing out the minute details.

I had my tats done at Cadence Tattoo Studio. The facade of the shop is painted pink and is full of graffiti- you're not going to miss it if you happen to be on a lookout. It's pretty small and somewhat cramped inside but that didn't even bother me at all. I have read great reviews for Jeffrey's works- in fact, some people I personally know wear his art as well. It's the quality of work that matters to me and not how extravagant the shop should be. Besides, he offered me a good deal.

It took less than 30 minutes to finish the job- from design transfer to the actual inking. I didn't even feel any pain at all, even when the needle repeatedly passed over a bony part. He works with the speed and precision of a professional. It's really true that how you'll feel during the process depends on your pain tolerance level, how detailed the tattoo is, how gentle the artist is, and how big the tattoo is. I was even surprised when he informed me that it's already finished. He kept asking me what the design meant, but I just smiled and replied "secret" everytime he did.

I marveled at the awesome tattoo on my shoulder, glad that I didn't have it placed on my upper arm since it wouldn't probably look as good if I did. My tattoo has a very special meaning. It signifies something profound that I have found a long time ago.. and eventually lost just recently. It pertains to something I wanted so badly, but had to let go. Half a decade worth of memories written down in one small phrase, and the part where I had it placed was just as significant as the tattoo itself.

I don't need a tattoo to make me remember everything; it's primarily there to always remind me of a turning point in my life.

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