Thursday, February 28, 2013


I have been planning to get a perm for a year now, but wasn't really able to get to it due to a busy schedule.

Came the opportunity to get myself a perm, I lunged at it. To top it all off, I ain't paying for it myself. Yep, this chick's got a perm that somebody else's paid for! Hah! Talk about lucky!

I got an assignment to try the services of a really chic salon in the Metro. Yep, talking about ENVY ME Salon & Spa. I'm usually very picky when it comes to trying out services, especially if I'm getting paid to write reviews for it. But when I heard of my latest task, I said yes without even thinking anymore.

I have been reading reviews for this really chic salon and I really wanted to try it out, hoping that I could be instantly transformed into a beautiful princess. Okay, so that's really wishful thinking. But really. I'm somewhat addicted to the idea of getting soft curls to somewhat improve my relatively boring look.

All ready for perming

Envy Me Salon is a brain-child of the Congson Family. They first started out with a brand called Hairs and Nails in Davao, and later on decided to venture into the Metro's beauty industry. Hairs and Nails currently has 14 branches in Mindanao. Seeing the success and warm acceptance of clients, they brought the brand Envy Me Salon & Spa to Metro Manila with the intention of providing quality services at affordable prices. They currently have two branches in Luzon, one of which is in Dasma, Cavite. The other branch is strategically located in Robinson's Galleria, a spot very much accessible to anyone from anywhere in Metro Manila, given the convenience of Edsa buses and the MRT.

I was able to locate the salon right away. It's on the third level, west wing of the Galleria. (Just behind Gene Testa's Tattoo shop, if you're familiar with it.) Peering from the outside, through the clear glass door, I was able to see how the interior looks like; very spacious and elegant looking, well-lit and has a relaxing ambiance, open to the public but with a considerably great attempt at making sure not to compromise a customer's privacy. I immediately liked the place. Score!

So I came in to inquire whether or not I can get a traditional perm. The people inside were very much lively and all smiles. Great! (Tip: Nobody likes cranky crews, nobody likes services from cranky crews. Really.) The pretty receptionist called the stylist named Toto to assess my hair. Toto expertly checked my hair and advised me that my hair would benefit more if I'd get a Digiperm. He pointed out something that I've known all along, my hair is really dry and brittle, thus cold wave perming will only worsen the condition.

Since I was kinda expecting that diagnosis, (and considering that the prices are nearly the same, and I'm not even shelling out for it), I eagerly went on with the Digiperm. You can't blame me if I felt a little bit scared about the procedure, I'm kinda a virgin at it, you know. 

Ate Joy and the big Perming machine

Surprisingly, I was at ease during the process. Joy, the salon assistant, was very accommodating and friendly. She gladly answered my questions and even proactively educated me on how to keep my hair protected and beautiful. She took her time checking on me and explaining the procedure step by step so that I knew exactly what's going on. She also advised me on what product to get to maintain my hair's curls. I'd really recommend her, she's a real darling! I really felt pampered by her and would definitely be asking for her during my next visits.

Toto applying neutralizer

The owner of the salon, Buddy, was also very accommodating. He's very warm to his customers and that really means a lot in this industry. Build friendships with your customers and they will come back, definitely.

Oh, by the way. I've got their price list/s here. You might wanna check their chic and affordable services. They also have promos every now and then, you can visit their Facebook site to know more. (You might wanna click this link: .)



Did I say they have free Wi-Fi, too? You just have to ask them for the password. They also offer complimentary drinks, although I didn't opt for one since I had a cup of Gongcha with me.

Just ask for the password

And here are the reminders and what-nots.

Post-Digiperm care

After 3 hours of waiting in vain, I was really happy about the outcome. Very satisfied about the service. Definitely enjoyed the experience.

Curly hair... Awesome!

Let's just see how my hair will look like in the days to come. Will keep you posted. 

For now, this salon goes on top of my list. <3

(Photos were taken using my old iPhone.)