Friday, February 24, 2012


I was about to sleep. When I heard my phone ringing, I hesitantly picked it up. Hello, I said. And a voice on the other line excitedly replied, "Bihis na, Ate Apple. Andyan na kami in 30 minutes." Then I heard a click. I quickly looked at the name on my phone's screen and I realized that I had been talking to my cousin, Ram. It was sometime past 11 in the evening. 

True enough, they arrived in less than half an hour later. Good thing I was able to take a quick shower and a change of clothes. I grabbed my phone and went out. Whew, somebody brought a car. Mahaba-habang inuman to..

No drunk driving please..

We ended up in Eastwood. It was midnight yet there were still a lot of people there, especially in bars. We wanted to have a drink at Dencio's but they were jam-packed and we didn't really want to be shouting at each other over the din, so we opted for Gweilo's instead. Gweilo's is pretty much laid-back. There seemed to be less people in that area so that's really a better choice. We chose a table outside the bar instead of staying inside, since it's more relaxing to drink and chat under the night sky than to do that while there's music blaring and a movie playing.

SanSan light.. lol

Oh, by the way, Gweilo's serves great-tasting pulutan! They are very inexpensive, too. You can opt for the pulutan bundles. Really pocket friendly! Two thumbs up!

Yummy pulutan!

Over beer and pulutan, we talked about the past. We laughed about the silly things we did. We reminisced the drama of being kids. We talked as if everything happened just yesterday, and that made the moment really beautiful. So many things had happened since elementary days-- and now we're having a good laugh at each of them. Marc used to be timid and very shy, now he's earning bucks as a seaman. Ram used to be a heartthrob in school, now he's graduating college and has turned into a certified woman magnet. Vaun, my brother, the only one who had always been staying in Manila, now has a son with his wife Amor. Mat used to be a mischevious kid who kept to himself, now he's behaved and has a girlfriend who knows the password to his Facebook account. And as for me, I already have a daughter.. and life turned out to be never anything I have imagined when I was a kid.

I opted for RH

Marc's taking care of the chit

The moment was really special to me, not only because of the fact that I was with them, but because a decade ago, I have always dreamt of this moment. A moment when we'd be able to come together as adults, but would still be close friends like when we were kids. It's such a shame that Yam, Christian, Christopher, and Jen weren't with us. Hopefully someday we'll be able to do this again--with all nine of us laughing at our younger selves-- without any parental guidance. 

Three cheers for those years!

Taken care of

This month isn't the best month of my life; I am going through a very tough time, but my cousins are around and it somehow helps me forget, even for a while.

Driving me home