Friday, June 17, 2011


          I had long been planning to make a hobby out of running but I never had the time nor the opportunity.  I've planned to go to Quezon City Circle and the Mall of Asia grounds a countless times in the past because I wanted to finally be able to do some laps. I've tried to brainwash friends and relatives into it but nobody seemed to have the passion same as mine, so I had to give up begging for them to join me. Eventually, I became so busy with other things, that I had to set the "passion" aside for sometime. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to execute anything.

          I wanted to run not only because it's a great activity to keep myself healthy, but also because it could serve as a perfect pre-climb exercise. I've always been able to go hiking without any warm-ups, but I knew that I had to go get some, at one point. I needed this because I've always known that I really have to work on my endurance level and I gotta work on it fast.

          Almost two years had passed since my last jog. Finally, an opportunity finally presented itself.

          Kiko, our account trainer is a running enthusiast and a self-proclaimed shoe addict. Last week, he announced his intention to jog around the area after our shift, and forced... err, invited our team to join him. He needed the exercise to prep him for his big marathon. Well, he used his position to force us into joining his cause. (Haha! Peace, boss.) The guy forced -err... invited- us...

          What do you know... We were willing to be forced...

Photo Cred: The Running Man Kiko

           I had been planning to join them everyday, but I had to let the first 2 jogs pass me by because I had some things to attend to. When I finally got to join them on the 3rd jog, I had difficulty breathing because I had a nasty cold (err... I was really sick, you know). Sadly, I had to say "pass" to the 4th jog this morning 'cause I decided that it would be better to rest first and just join them again once I get rid of the flu.

          Anyway, the thing is, I'm just happy that I get to finally start something I had always wanted to do. That's the point. Period.