Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I remember how you came into my life, my savior, my intervention.
We were strangers, but somehow, it was as if we've known each other for such a long time.
You cared for me like a brother does to his little sister. You've been my family.
You've seen me cry and you've laughed aloud as you wipe my tears.
You've seen me at my boiling point and just smiled at my arrogance.
You've fought my battles even though you've had so much more of your own.
You've held my hand throughout everything and refused to let go until you know it's safe.
You've made me face my own demons and had taught me how to conquer them.
You've dragged me in the right direction and never stopped pushing me until I took that path.
You've shown me how life could be hell and heaven at the same time, and to be thankful, regardless.
You've shown me the importance of Faith and Prayers.
You've taught me how patience could bear a miracle,
and how love could move mountains.

You've broken your heart a countless times and you've laughed through each of them.
You've been through hell that no one could ever imagine and yet you've remained strong.
I've held your hand when your mother died , and felt not even the slightest tremble.
I've never seen you cry. Nothing could make you cry.
You've had a shitty and wasted life and yet you've taken it all.
It was a long battle against Death and you've fought alone.
It makes me wonder, did you cry before you died?
You died so young and alone.
You died ahead of your time.
Nobody there. Nobody cared.

I'll tell GOD how you've made a person out of this waste, friend.
How you taught me how beautiful life is, and how lucky I am,
and how hardships should serve as foundation.
About all the pains and heartaches you've endured,
Death whom you've look in the eye.
It makes me sad and yet happy that you're with HIM now.
You've had more than your share of agony all throughout your 25 years of existence.

It was never a beautiful world, and you've always been a beautiful soul.
You're finally home, JOSEN.
Thank you for everything. Rest in Peace.

*Josen died of Brain Cancer yesterday, August 09, 2010.

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